Oxbow Lounge Chair

Designed by Namon Gaston for Dare Studio.

The Oxbow Lounge Chair is a combination of an ergonomic, organic upholstered form paired with the clean lines of a timber support frame. It is equally suited to both commercial and domestic environments. The primary focus of attention with the design is comfort where the user feels enveloped by the chair but is able to shift their position easily.

The oak frame has a hand woven new wool fabric by Mourne Textiles, produced in Northern Ireland. The walnut frame also has a new wool fabric, designed by Eleanor Pritchard Studio which is produced in Scotland. Bespoke fabrics are available on request.


The Oxbow lounge chair has been awarded the prestigious Design Guild Mark from The Furniture Makers' Company. The Design Guild Mark rewards the work of the finest furniture designers working in volume production.

If you wish to place an order, please contact Dare Studio for information on pricing and delivery. 

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