Oxbow Collection

Oxbow; a loop formed by a horseshoe bend in a river.

The Oxbow Collection originates from the design and development of the Oxbow Armchair. The goal was to create a leather slung dining chair with comfort at its core. To allow the back rest a degree of movement relating to the chair frame a central dowel β€˜pin’ locates the sling. This component conjures imagery of meandering rivers and organic movement, which have become the identifying features of this range.

The pieces in this collection share a soft, homely narrative. Round profile legs, softened edge radius detailing and luxurious material selection create warmth, comfort and elegance.

The Oxbow Collection offers an unrivalled level of comfort, combined with a refined classic aesthetic. 

The Oxbow Chair was awarded the prestigious design guild mark from the Furniture Makers Company in 2014 and The Oxbow Lounge chair was awarded the same accolade in 2019.

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