Cùram Collection

Cùram; Scottish Gaelic: care, responsibility.  

‘It is important for us to consider the impact our processes have on the world around us, from sourcing materials, to creating waste. We wanted this collection to be a embodiment of those considerations, alongside the importance of creating beautiful things and making craft accessible’ 

The new Cùram Collection is an approachable, affordable and considered collection of solid wood furniture created with sustainability in mind. It requires minimal processing, it can be delivered flat packed and has the assurance that all of the waste produced in its creation is re-purposed. 

Each piece is available in locally sourced Scottish Oak or Ash, and are all hand-crafted in our workshop on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Careful consideration has been given to every element of the Cùram collection including material selection, waste production, pricing and packaging, as well as a guarantee that each piece pledges a native tree for our Caledonian Forest. 

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